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Nanny Payroll Calculator

Enjoy HeartPayroll’s free and easy caregiver payroll and tax calculator

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I afford a nanny”, or “How much does a nanny really cost?” As an employer of a household employee, you must calculate your nanny or senior caregiver’s net pay and gross pay, as well as do quarterly and yearly remittances with the government, register with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and the list goes on.

This free online payroll calculator was created by HeartPayroll specifically to help Canadian families who employ a nanny, in-home senior care worker, or any other household employee.

You can use this caregiver payroll & tax calculator to determine your employee's net pay, federal and provincial income taxes, and CPP and EI deductions. This paycheck calculator is updated with the 2017 tax rules for all Canadian provinces & territories, so rest assured you’re up to date.

From calculating wages, salary, and take home pay to navigating through Canada’s income tax laws, managing your household employee’s payroll and taxes can be overwhelming. Not to mention, is this really how you want to spend your time? You hired help to make life easier, so don’t let the paperwork that comes with it burden you any further.

HeartPayroll handles everything to do with your caregiver’s payroll and taxes, and more. From paying your caregiver via direct deposit and CRA registration, to all calculations, producing and filing T4s at tax time, and remitting all source deductions. HeartPayroll also produces pay stubs and receipts each pay period, and even Record of Employment (ROE) forms when your caregiver leaves.

You have better things to do. Leave caregiver payroll to HeartPayroll and get back to what matters.

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